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Wow! How good is Claire Yistelle!A real privilege to have seen her perform twice… She impressed me incredibly the first time, she pulled me over the second time.She’s an outstanding entertainer and I have no hesitation in recommending her for any corporate events that needs really high-class quality entertainment.

— Eric Jelinek, Head of Qantas Business Rewards

Absolutely unbelievable… She’s amazing!Thank you Claire, you’ve done a fantastic job again!

— David Halliday, Managing Director, Campari Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific

Fantastic job… I highly recommend Claire Yistelle.Whether you have an internal staff function or something for your clients, she can personalize it, she can make it large, it’s very unique and a lot of fun.Get her along, you won’t be disappointed!

— Damien Sheehan, Managing Director, DHL eCommerce Oceania

Thank you Claire. You were amazing!Everyone kept commenting on how great your up-close and personal magic was.You are a gorgeous, generous and very talented entertainer!

— Tracy Roberts, Executive Assistant of the CEO, Chubb Insurance Australia

I highly recommend Claire Yistelle’s services for any brand presentation.Her performance was clever, light-hearted fun… and the way she connected the brand with the story and with all the customers in the room was absolutely outstanding!

— Claire Lauber, General Manager, Boost Juice Australia

I was a bit nervous in coming up with ideas in how to impress our clients at our annual cocktail reception. Some of our clients actually came-up to me and asked if Claire Yistelle was coming back as the previous manager booked her last year.Claire’s performance was a great icebreaker as a lot of our clients don’t know each other. She was fantastic in bringing everyone together, get them talking… and the room was full of energy. I’m still left scratching my head wondering how she did all this magic!I couldn’t recommend her more. You must absolutely have Claire as your entertainment!

— Samantha Schiavi, Business & Sales Manager, Servcorp

Claire Yistelle was very impressive… she had us stumped!We will definitely keep her in our list of entertainers!

— Keryn Walsh, Brand Partnership Manager, The Star Entertainment Group

I highly recommend Claire Yistelle for any event - corporate or private, Claire’s magic is simply mind-blowing, your guests will absolutely love it!

— Kylie Ritter, Sales & Marketing Manager, Ladurée Australia

Claire was the absolute Star of the night. We couldn’t have asked for a more professional, yet exciting corporate entertainer for our clients reception.Her performance brilliantly brought together the event, especially in term of networking atmosphere.Don’t even think twice, book her today!

— Jacob Halls, Marketing Excecutive, Clifford Hallam Healthcare Australia

Many thanks again Claire for your amazing work on the Campari - Baron Samedi activation. You were the backbone of the organisation, we simply couldn’t have done it without you!

— Senior Event Producer, Yakusan, Brand Experience Group

I was very impressed by the way Claire interacted with the groups and found ways to create excitement. She created a whole buzz around the party.I highly recommend to hire her for corporate functions and any type of business events when you want people to talk and interact.It’s a great way to break the ice and to bring everybody together.

— Paul Savant, Head of Sales, Nestlé Purina Australia

Great feedback from client this morning. She is worried that all the other acts will not measure up to your standards!Thanks Claire!

— Wayne Barrett, Entertainment Consultant, Douglas Fabian Productions

Claire Yistelle’s performance was just WOW! A huge hit!  Very unique, interactive, so different, powerful and magical.  Everyone had a great time and was completely amazed. I would highly recommend Claire’s stage show to any corporate event, it’s a MUST-SEE!I will definitely hire Claire again!

— Patricia Michel, Divisional General Manager, Institute of Public Accountants

Claire created Real Magic. Brilliant!

— Mem Fox, Australian Best Selling Author

Thank you Claire for your entertainment on Saturday night. We were totally spellbound and mesmerised by your performance… and we were still shaking our heads in disbelief long after you had left!

— Paul Price, Direct Sales Manager, Nine Entertainment

Claire brought the Wow Factor to our event. She did an outstanding performance and made the night very enjoyable by getting everyone involved.I highly recommend Claire Yistelle for any corporate events as her magical entertainment is defiantly mind-blowing!

— Walton Chu, CEO, Home 789

We were very honored to have Claire Yistelle coming to do her ‘Made in Paris’ one woman show for our annual gala dinner at the Sydney Hilton hotel. It’s been fantastic. Everyone was on the edge of their seat. The amazement of the performance and how she does these things is incredible.It was a great night and we were very fortunate to have Claire for the night’s show. We will certainly be looking forward to have her again the next time soon!

— Heath Mcinery, President, Freshmark – NSW Chamber of Fruits & Vegetables Industries Inc.

We love your work! Absolutely mind-blowing! Thank you Claire for not only exceeding our expectations but our clients as well!

— Nicole Storjohann, Event Manager, Vegas Nights Productions

Visually outstanding, a professional performance filled with style, charm and fun.Organizing a sales conference, sales training, product launch, client presentation or even a fundraiser, Claire Yistelle will work with you in creating a visual and interactive event showcasing your company and or its products and services in its best light.I have engaged the services of Claire on a number of occasions and have never been disappointed. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her smile captivating.An illusionist of the highest order, Claire Yistelle will truly bring a three-dimensional aspect to your event.

— John Given OAM,  CEO Zions Pty Ltd & Chairman Rotary Districts of NSW (Australia) Police Officer of the Year Awards

Claire Yistelle did an amazing job at our annual dinner reception!Her ability to draw a crowd, to bring everyone together and do her magic, the atmosphere was absolutely incredible… You have to see it to believe it! So thank you so much to Claire.

— Tim Danaskos, Rehabilitation Consultant, Work Focus Australia

GDR hosted one of the most important events of our professional career inviting clients, colleagues, dignitaries and friends.We had well over 120 guests and to ensure that they were impressively entertained during the 3 hours event, we secured Claire Yistelle as our entertainment.Claire engaged sophisticatedly with our guests and was subtle as she glided from group to group delighting, surprising, shocking, fascinating and totally bewildering me and my guests with her magical illusions.I highly recommed Claire Yistelle to any professional group, business organisation or even personal events as her craft transcends all types of gatherings and groups whether young, old, stuffy or cheery.

— Daizy Gedeon, Managing and Creative Director, GDR Group, Australia

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Claire Yistelle perform several times. The latest when she entertained our clients with her branded magical entertainment to showcase one of the brands we work with.Her performance was brilliant as always. A true entertainer, she’s very charismatic and knows how to entertain and engage a crowd.I have no hesitation in recommending her services for similar events.

— Garry Browne AM, CEO , Stuart Alexander & Co Pty Ltd

Claire Yistelle’s way of entertaining my clients was not only very skillful but also incredibly personable.It takes a lot of experience for a specialist to be able to do that type of activity in a very small group, but also in a room of 600 retailers that all want to be entertained and amazed.I highly recommed Claire Yistelle for corporate events and any functions that you have. Small or large, it’s not only the skills that Claire brings, but also the personal ability.It’s truly the highlight of your event!

— Peter Knock, Senior Retailer Adviser, Open Pay Australia

Dear Claire. On behalf of the team at NetStripes, and all small business owners and tech start-ups who filled out the Marquee Sydney; a very big thank you for your outstanding performance at Bizruption on Wednesday night.We were delighted how you had the audience absolutely on edge and entertained by your magic! We were also appreciative that you respected the time limit allocated while having nearly 200 people engaged during your stage branded mentalism performance.Many thanks again for your assistance and we are looking forward to have you back at our next Bizruption!

— Dinesh De Silva, CEO & Founder, Netstripes

We booked Claire Yistelle for our annual Christmas party at the Sydney Doltone House.It’s been a wonderful night and especially with her ‘Made in Paris’ one woman show keeping the audience in thrilled.She was amazing and we were so glad that she was available for our event!

— Stefanie Griffon , Co-owner, Independent Locksmiths & Security

I attended many corporate events where a magician was hired for the occasion, but not once I was captivated with their magical entertainment as I was with Claire’s! Not only her magic and mentalism is very modern and powerful, Claire was highly engaging, fun and charming, captivating over 300 guests throughout the evening. I highly recommend Claire Yistelle entertainment services to any corporate functions, she will certainly make your event one to remember!

— Ivan Vercej, New Home Consultant, Internal, Fairhaven Homes

I’ve just seen Claire Yistelle performing on stage for a group of 600 retailers. Her performance was outstanding. Highly entertaining and engaging… The best corporate entertainer I’ve seen in a long time!

— Benjamin Sawkins, Business Development Manager, Qantas

Thank you Claire for doing such an amazing job! Everyone was blown away… We got an order that same day from one of the retailers so clearly your magic did the trick!Thank you again for your priceless performance!

— Meca Ball, Senior Brand Manager, Rum & American Whiskey, Campari Australia

We booked Claire Yistelle for our annual office professional day. I met her at a corporate event and I was so impressed by her magic.She has a wonderful sense of humour and she makes everybody have a wonderful time.Her magic is absolutely mind-blowing and the feedback was absolutely amazing. I will hire her again in a heartbeat at any event that I hold.

— Sue Zacherl, Administration, Freshmark – NSW Chamber of Fruit & Vegetables Industries Inc.

Dear Claire, thank you again for the entertainment you provided on Saturday night.I was suitably impressed when you took to the microphone and managed to involve everyone in the room with your first interactive act, but that turned out to be a curtain raiser to your mingle magic & mentalism performances throughout the evening!You were so entertaining, so captivating and so convincing that you managed to restore this sceptical old man’s childhood belief in magic!I have no idea how you do what you do, but I thoroughly enjoyed seeing you do it!

— Stephen Grech, Stephen Grech + Associates Architects

To anyone considering something very special for your next corporate event you cannot go past the magic of Claire Yistelle!Claire was amazing and had everyone engaged and gob smacked from the start with her vast array of magic and mind-reading entertainment.I highly recommend her for any event whether its corporate or private functions if you want to have your guests scratching their head wondering -How did she just do that?!

— Craig Dykes, Senior Account Manager, DMC Group

We had a great Christmas event with Claire. I saw her perform a couple weeks ago at a networking event and she blew my mind just the way she got everyone engaged so I had to have her at our event.Our clients come from all different types of industries, they loved her show and really adored her. They keep talking about her weeks after our event! I highly recommend Claire Yistelle for any type of corporate events!

— Sabrina Bir, Sales & Business Development Manager, Servcorp Sydney

The evening was magic and very enjoyable. Claire’s performance was excellent and she brought freshness to our event. I definitely recommend her to any corporate functions!

— Arthur Burt, Executive General Manager Member Growth, Institute of Public Accountants

Thank you Claire, you were so great and lovely to work with and we were so very impressed by your amazing work!

— Vivian Luo, Marketing Manager, The Misfits Media Company, B&T Magazine

Claire did an amazing performance at our annual cocktail reception! She’s got lots of humor and our guests extra commented how great she was. We will definitely book her again at every event that we hold.

— Julie Mclean, Marketing Executive, Outdoor Media Association

Dear Claire,Excellence always captures my admiration. So I was totally captured by your scintillating performance on Saturday. Well done indeed. Thank you very much again for a memorable experience!

— Ian Richards (Guest. Private party)

Dear Claire,Thank you very much again for your amazing performance on Saturday evening. Everyone was blown away, and I loved the vibe generated by your presence. Such wonderful memories!

— Delphine Aggoune (Client. Private party)

I hired Claire Yistelle for my husband 50th birthday party. Claire’s performance was truly delightful, highly professional and tremendously entertaining. Everyone was amazed and fascinated by her close-up cocktail magic and stand-up magic & mentalism show. We marvel at her talent and skills!I recommend Claire’s magical entertainment as one of the most fun and fascinating things I’ve ever experienced at a party.

— Susan McGraph-Champ (Client. Private Party)

We just had my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah tea. I was struggling with ideas in how to entertain the girls. And I got recommended Claire’s name. Claire was absolutely incredible. She made the function as magical as I wanted to be. Girls and adults were blown away. The vibe was amazing. The function wouldn’t have been as magical without Claire so I highly recommend her!

— Tamara Zlattner (Client. Private function)

We booked Claire Yistelle to entertain our guests for a few hours at my wife 50th birthday celebration. She was amazing! Using psychology she was able to guess things we never thought were possible... She’s a fantastic entertainer, she’s a great magician and you should take her on!

— Travis Butler (Client. Private party)

What a surprise to meet Claire at my best friend’s 50th Birthday party.I was totally blown away, I’m speechless, you’ve got to see it to believe it!Claire is amazing, bubbly, very talented and very engaging. What she did is fascinating. She made me enjoy magic!So definitely if you want to have something special, something magical, you’ve got to order Claire. She’s fun. Go for it! Thank you very much Claire for bringing magic to a beautiful event. We love you!

— Dr. Julia Lim (Guest. Private party)